November 2004

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1. Gas turbine manufacturer implements enterprise-widesolution
2. Precious metal producers choose Granta CES for PlatinumGroup Metals Database


3. Granta and ESDU release The Metallic Materials DataHandbook (MMDH)
4. Join web seminar on "industrial strength"materials data management: November 30
5. Special introductory offer on Granta CES Selector software
6. Interested in materialssubstitution and cost optimization?

1.Gas turbine manufacturerimplements enterprise-wide solution

When Williams International decided they neded an enterprise-widesolution for their materials information management, they joined theMaterials Data Management Constortium (MDMC),for which Granta is the software developer.

Williams Internationalis the world leader in the development and manufacture of small gasturbine engine technology. Ray Simpkins of Williamssays:

"We launchedour internal database in November 2003 using version CES 4.1. Priortoits conception we had been using M-Vision software as ourprimary electronic materials database. The M-Vision database had verylimited usage due to incomplete records and the lack of data. Theinconsistencyof data was attributed to the fact that the database custodial responsibilitiesof the M-Vision software were very labor intensive. Maintaining theCES database has been relatively effortless using the test moduleswithinthe software to enter and reduce data. Since converting to CES, thenumber of users accessing our internal database has increased significantly.We have stress analysis, design, and materials engineers accessingthesoftware, both our internal and the default CES database, on a dailybasis. We converted to CES 4.5 in the summer of 2004 and will be releasingthe next MDMC release in the beginning of 2005. The software is provingitself tremendously in trade study analysis. The only criticism wehave for the software is that it does not contain every material propertyin the universe."

To find out moreabout the MDMC clickhere, Granta software solutions clickhere, or emailus.

2.Preciousmetal producers choose Granta CES for Platinum Group Metals Database
The Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Database has now gone live.The Database comprises the most comprehensive collection of physical,mechanical and chemical data for the platinum group metals (platinum,palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium and ruthenium) and theiralloys.
Sponsors of theDatabase - Anglo Platinum, Johnson Matthey, and the International PlatinumAssociation - chose Granta's CES Web to power their new Database, whichis provided as a service to the design and engineering community.

The CES Web softwareallows users to identify materials that meet specified property requirements.Propertiesare displayedin a user-friendly view, giving a comprehensive picture of a materialand its capabilities.

Find out more byclickinghere, visitthe PGM Database at oremailMark Bedford of JohnsonMatthey for more information.

3.Granta and ESDU release The Metallic Materials Data Handbook (MMDH)
- FAA certified data for inclusion in all Granta products
The Metallic Materials DataHandbook (MMDH) has been released by Granta and ESDU within Granta'sCES software environment. The MMDH from ESDU is a compendium of thehighest quality data for many aerospace alloys and carries the very highest quality certification.
Design engineers facean ever-increasing demand for products with a performance thatmust be substantiated under stringent conditionsof cost and environment. Access to high quality material datais essential. The inclusionof MMDHin the CES software environment alongside Mil-HDBK-17 and MMPDS(ex MIL-HDBK-5) provides the ultimatedata sourcefor all sectors where quality and consistency are key.
Contactus formore information about MMDH.

4.Join web seminar on "industrial-strength" materials datamanagement: November 30
Grantahas been working with the Materials Data Management Consortium (MDMC)for several years perfecting a set of tools to provide the materialsengineerwith asoftware environment equivalentto CAD and FE for design engineers.
Join Dr Will Marsden on Tuesday 30th November at 4 pm GMT (11 am EST)at a web seminar that will focus on how thetools fit into existing and established workflow _ enhancing therole of materials engineers, providing support for their many complextasks. The seminar will include a low cycle fatigue (LCF) worked example _ fromraw data, through reduction and on to SN curve derivation.
For more information about the seminar clickhere.
Contact us and we'lllet you know the registration information.

5.Special introductory offer on Granta CES Selector software
Granta has a very special end-of-year offer available on our CES Selectorpackages. Buy a CES Selector package for the first time before the20th December and you will receive a 15% discount.
Selector packages include the Optimal Polymer Selector, the Materialand Process Selector, and the Eco-Selector.

For information or a quotation,email us at

6.Interested in materials substitution and cost optimization?
At a time of great volatilityin raw material prices, material substitution and materialcost optimization are high on the agenda. Grantais at the core a new collaborative project developing rational 'Granta-like'approaches to these complex problems. To express interest in this projectand get more information, email

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