NIMS Materials Database

For New User

MatNavi is an integrated material database system comprising ten databases, four application systems and the NIMS Structural Datasheet Online. It is one of the largest databases in the world for materials. The use of MatNavi is free. All you need to do is register.

About User Registration

To use MatNavi service, "(1) DICE account user registration" and "(2) MatNavi usage application" are required. (Registration and Application Manual)

(1) DICE account user registration
  ・Users are, in principle, individuals who are belonging to an organization.
  ・Register a user for a DICE account with an e-mail address provided by your organization.

(2) MatNavi usage application
  ・You can continue to apply for MatNavi usage if the domain name of your e-mail address is registered in our management list.
   * How to apply for a mail address domain (to be applied for by the domain administrator(s) of your organization)
   * The List of Domain Registered Organizations
  ・In case you can not do the domain name registration, by verifying yourself using eKYC you may temporarily be able to apply for MatNavi usage.


Required Environment

The operation of MatNavi has been confirmed in the following environments:

    Browser Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox

How to Cite Data from MatNavi

When you use data from MatNavi or report a research result obtained by the use of MatNavi in your publication, please indicate explicitly in the following format.
Database name, URL of the database page used, date of access [YYYY-MM-DD]
Ex) Polymer Database,, [accessed 2020-05-15]

    Journal paper author's name, paper title, journal name, year, volume, issue, page, database name
    Dissertation author's name, dissertation title, affiliation, year, database name
    Book author's name, book title, publisher, year, database name